Hi there! I am an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at the College of William and Mary.

I obtained my Ph.D. in Software Engineering (SE) from The University of Texas at Dallas in 2019, under the advice of Dr. Andrian Marcus, and my B.Eng. and M.Eng. degrees in Systems Engineering and Computing from Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Bogotá, Colombia.

My broad research interests are in software maintenance and evolution, program comprehension, code refactoring, code quality, code documentation, developer’s productivity, and text analysis applied to software engineering.

While my research spans multiple SE topics, my current research focus is on:

  1. automating bug reporting, triage, and resolution (aka automate bug report management)
  2. recovering and managing the knowledge produced by stakeholders in multiple software artifacts to improve software quality and code change tasks (e.g., code refactoring).

My research often utilizes empirical methods, analyzes/leverages content from different software artifacts (software bug reports, source code, online discussions, etc.), and builds on creating, adapting, and integrating techniques based on program analysis, software repository mining (MSR), information retrieval (IR), natural language processing (NLP), computer vision (CV), and machine learning (ML).

Take a look at my publications to know more about my research.


I am looking for motivated and skilled students (undergraduate and graduate) interested in software engineering (SE) research!

If you are not a student at W&M, consider applying to the CS graduate program (Fall deadline: March 1st/15th, Spring deadline: Oct. 1st).

Feel free to email me explaining your interest in my research & SE and attaching your CV.