I am an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the College of William & Mary.

I lead the Software Evolution and Analysis (SEA) Lab, which conducts research in software maintenance & evolution, program comprehension, refactoring, software quality, developers’ productivity, text analysis applied to software engineering (SE), software supply chain management, and legal aspects of SE.

My current research areas is on:

  1. Automated bug report management: automating bug reporting, triage, localization, and resolution
  2. Verification-guided code refactoring and comprehension: leveraging code verification techniques to guide automated code refactoring and reduce code comprehension effort
  3. Informed decision making for software change: process and manage code change decisions documented in software artifacts/repositories to assist developers in producing software that is less faulty, higher quality, and easier to maintain
  4. Software licensing and supply chain management: automating and managing the software supply chain (emphasis on licensing and software evolution)

My research employs empirical methods, analyzes/leverages different software artifacts (software bug reports, source code, online discussions, etc.), and builds on creating, adapting, and integrating techniques based on program analysis, software repository mining (MSR), information retrieval (IR), natural language processing (NLP), computer vision (CV), and machine/deep learning (ML/DL).

Take a look at my publications to know more about my research.

Education: I got my Ph.D. in Software Engineering (SE) from The University of Texas at Dallas in 2019, under the advice of Dr. Andrian Marcus, and my B.Eng. and M.Eng. degrees in Systems Engineering and Computing from Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Bogotá, Colombia.


  1. (July 2024) Paper on Buggy UI Localization accepted at ISSTA’24
  2. (June 2024) Our FSE’24 paper on Open Source Licensing won an ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award
  3. (May 2024) Yang Song defended her PhD thesis on Automated Bug Report Management
  4. (April 2024) I received a Distinguished Reviewer Award at ICSE’24
  5. (January 2024) Paper on Open Source Licensing accepted at FSE’24
  6. (November 2023) Nathan Wintersgill defended his MS thesis on Open Source Licensing
  7. (October 2023) Paper on Duplicate Video Bug Report Detection accepted at ICSE’24
  8. (August 2023) Paper on Software Bill of Materials accepted at ICSE’24
  9. (July 2023) Trevor Stalknaker defended his MS thesis on Software Bill of Materials
  10. (July 2023) Paper on Code Verifiability and Understandability accepted at ESEC/FSE’23
  11. (June 2023) Paper on GUI-based Bug Localization accepted at ICSE’24
  12. (March 2023) I got an NSF CAREER award on Informed Decision Making for Software Change (W&M News article)
  13. (January 2023) Tool demo paper on Interactive Bug Reporting accepted at ICSE’23


I am looking for motivated and skilled students (undergraduate and graduate) interested in software engineering (SE) research!

If you are not a student at W&M, consider applying to the CS graduate program (Fall deadline: March 1st/15th, Spring deadline: Oct. 1st).

Feel free to email me explaining your interest in my research & SE (attach your CV).